Saturday, September 26, 2009

Human Nature

It has been an unfortunate week. I have seen some of the worst of humanity and I am trying to process it all through. I have dealt with lies and manipulation to the point of nausea. What makes a person operate at such a level? What makes others join them in their destruction? What makes a soul so damaged and blackened that morality never enters into their day to day operations? Envy and jealousy will blacken your innards and eat you up from the inside out. I wish that others would appreciate the gifts given them. We are all given gifts, different from each other, but equally valuable none the less. Make peace with what you are given, whether they be physical attributes, tangible goods or talents. Perhaps if they can attempt to make peace with these things, and then learn to love and appreciate all that they are and all that they have, the need to destroy will dissipate. If envy and jealousy can be moderated, perhaps morality can surface. Are souls that damaged beyond repair? Do we keep hope alive for these dregs of humanity, that it is possible to change set patterns? I think we have to, because sometimes hope is all that is left. I have to aim at compassion. I have to dig deep into my own psyche and find a way to make my own peace with what I have experienced. It will take time and effort, this I know.

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  1. A former Dean of Men at Geneva College remodeled houses in his spare time, and he once told me that the biggest trick to plumbing was remembering that "$hit flows downhill." Ronald Reagan later gave that overiding principle of Life, the Universe, and Everything a handy name: "Trickle Down Theory" (or TDT). It has been reported that 1% of the earth's population controls 95% of the money and power, and the recent "recession" is yet another reminder of how the 1% manages that feat. The only thing that truly tickles down is the undeniable fact that the only sure way to become a member of the 1% club is to lie, cheat, steal, ad generally misuse others in as many ways as possible. You are so right that what little hope there is rests in the hearts and the behavior of those who refuse to go with the TDT flow. Viva la resistance!