Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have to take a moment here to espouse about coffee. It is a love affair I am not necessarily proud of. When the alarm clock goes off in the morning I smack the snooze button as if it has been of great offense. After a few moments, the first thoughts of the morning rush in. The thoughts are not of my children, beautiful and thank the good lord above blissfully still sleeping. My thoughts are not of work, or bills or my chores for the day. My thoughts are of coffee. Hot, fresh, aromatic, welcoming, soothing, delicious and best yet, responsible for the reawakening of my sluggish brain cells. For a liquid to have such amazing powers elevates it to almost saint like status. I for one would like to nominate coffee for sainthood. No offense intended, but we all have our heroes.

My history with coffee is long and not altogether pretty. As a child I used to prepare it for my mother while she slept. Instant nescafe, sweet and low and skim milk, not to mention the singular cockroach that made it's way into the kettle once overnight. I was 5, and thought a lump of nescafe wasn't melting in the cup. It wasn't the coffee that helped to awaken my Mom that morning. It was the scream when she realized what she was mixing. I was 5, what the heck did I know.

Growing up I drank the instant swill as well, with sweet and low and all. As I got older and discovered brewed coffee a whole new world opened up for me. My love for this manna from heaven grew as did my tastes. No more little pink packets or skim milk for me. Organic sugar and organic half and half became the recipe for much happiness.

It was from there that I discovered the variety of coffee options and another whole new world opened up. My confession here, is that on weekends, I skip the organic sugar and add Hershey's syrup instead. It makes a mocha coffee that makes my tongue dance for joy. It also makes damn sure that I am up on the weekends wayyyyyy before the kids for peace and quiet and coffee to die for.

I know the intensity of this relationship may not be healthy. I am aware of the extreme dependence factor. I don't care. I am going to keep and savor my dirty little secret. Hey, at least I didn't say I would trade one of my kids in for a good cup of coffee. Although...there are times... OK, I won't go there. Anyway, my cup is empty and therefore this entry is done!


  1. I hear ya' sister!
    I love my morning coffee.
    And my afternoon coffee.
    And my mid afternoon coffee.

    Do I need say more?

  2. Nope..I hear ya loud and clear!!
    Sainthood I say!
    I'm nominating coffee for Sainthood!
    I wonder where I would go to do that?
    I'm thinking the Vatican is out of the question!